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Connect with Nature

Bring the essence of nature into your home.

With its own slight variations result of the balanced mix of raw materials and handcraft manufacture each of our products is one of a kind and you’ll be amazed by it.

Inspired by the beauty of nature, we wish to spread positive vibes around the world through our unique art.

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Sustainable Lifestyle

Elevate your space with sustainable elegance.

Our zero waste philosophy encourages the conservation of all resources by responsible production, consumption and reuse.

From the hard shell to the seeds, we use this majestic fruit to produce our lampshades, jam, powder, oil and provide our customers with ready-to-plant seeds.

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Positive social impact

Leave your mark by supporting local communities.

Using a human-based approach, Seedling Designs adopts technology and local knowledge in each of its creative processes.

Today there are more than twenty people involved in the process of the “Baobab Pod Journey”. Our workshop houses the work of many artisans, who assemble different pieces into our lampshades.

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We're thrilled to announce that our Tree Of Life collection received the Silver Award in the furniture category at the 2020 International Design Awards (IDA). The jury was inspired by the beautiful concept and original design of our Lighting and Homeware products. The IDA, organized by Farmani Group, celebrates visionary design across various fields and aims to highlight exceptional global designs.

Seedling Designs is honored to be listed among the main brands in this prestigious 14th edition.

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  • Kui Amarika Mahihu from Nairobi

    Thank you to every single person who made this happen. From the idea to make them to harvesting, carving and painting.... to your husband rushing to town and the delivery lady who brought it to my door ❤ thank you!

  • Danielle Anderson - CEO Step & Stone Consultancy Limited

    Fabi & her team were so helpful in helping me choose the perfect pieces, despite my 100s of questions about shapes and sizes! My order was fulfilled quickly, seamlessly and arrived along with a note of gratitude 24 hours later.

  • Natalia Nelson from Nairobi

    Thank you for the order and sending it so quickly. I love all the products - they’re so beautifully made!

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