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Steps to grow a baobab from seeds successfully:

Baobab Pods:

When you’re done using it, open your baobab pod and harvest the inner seeds.

Baobab Seeds:
Slightly crack or sand the outer seed coat and let it soak overnight (for one or two nights) in warm water.



Your best choice is cactus soil. Mix it with sand. The ratio should be 2:1.



Fill it with soil and spare the top three centimeters.



Take the soaked seeds and put them on top of the soil in the pot. Cover them with a two-centimeter- layer of sand. This helps to avoid waterlogging which baobab do not like at all.



Water the seeds regularly – about every two to three days should be alright. Do not allow the seeds to dry out.



To germinate, baobab seeds need a combination of warmth, nutrients and sufficient water. Best place the pot on a sunny spot at a window, on the balcony or the terrace.



Seeds require a warm environment – make sure that the temperatures are around 20 degree.

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